U.C.R.’s Gist

We’re Paintin’ Away To Make This Page Just Right!

So, you’re probaly asking yourself, “What’s the Gist with this blog?”

No? Well…just hear me out. There will be 5 sectors in which I’d like to post about on UCR. Each of the pixies you’ve met here have thier own realm of expertise. They are as follows:

Stella’s Styles

Stella will post her fabulous fashions made from the Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique App (retired from App Store).

Aria’s Artwork

Aria will display edits she has made using the Disney Fairies Franchise as the source for all backgrounds, models, and props.

Em’s Design Gems

Emerald’s main focus will be directed towards creating orignal home accessories and furniture inspired by the furnishes from Pixie Hollow Online World.

Indy’s Instrumental Jams

Indigo will share her love for music by seaching far and wide to recapture the mood, atmosphere, and emotions you felt while expirencing the Online World and Movie versions of Pixie Hollow.

Wispa’s Wee Worlds

Wispa will guide you into creating a little hollow of your own through fairy garden tutorials and tips.

Get the Gist?

Got the Gist?

Good. 😛

Check Back Soon!