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So…Who Are We?

 Stella S. Origin

Name: Stella Sunshine

Arrival Day: August 2nd, 2011

Talent: Light

Favorite Colors: Fairy Dust Yellow, Starshine White, & Sunshine Yellow

Favorite Foods: Cinnamon Spice Cake & Sunflower-Seed Souffle

Favorite Buggy and Animal: Firefly & Hummingbird

Favorite Flower: Sunflower

Favorite Hobby: Shopping

Dislikes: Waking up late… I’ll miss the sunrise!

Mini Bio: I’m the oldest of my friends and considered the “leader” of our group. I’m a perfectionist at heart, and it drives me crazy when (usually Aria) makes a mess!

Being a Light Talent, I love to manipulate light, cast shadows, and make rainbows with Indigo. But, mentally, it means to take charge of a situation and try to be optimistic of its outcome (you know, seeing the bright side).

I’ve had three animal friends, a blue hummingbird (Dashflash), a yellow firefly (Fizzleflame), and yellow bee (possibly named Fireflight).

My favorite meadow was Sunflower Gully and my favorite shop was the Queen’s Boutique.

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 169

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 168

 I had a “vacation home” in Australia’s Pixie Hollow (until I flew to the UK).

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 171

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 170

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 173

 Aria V. Origin

Name: Aria Vanillabreeze

Arrival Day: August 4th, 2011

Talent: Animal

Favorite Colors: Mulberry Purple, Strawberry Red, & Pepper Black

Favorite Foods: Anything sweet!

Favorite Buggy and Animal: All Critters!

Favorite Flower: Rose

Favorite Hobby: Drawing/Painting Pictures

Dislikes: Waking up early…It disrupts my hibernation!

Mini Bio: I’m the most outgoing of my group. I love to let loose and have fun…you know, go a little crazy. My animal talent allows me to make quick decisions based on my instincts. This sometimes leads me into messy situations (as, uh, Stella mentioned earlier).

But, animals are my LIFE. I’m fluent in Songbird, Frog, Toad (which is just a different dialect of Frog), Squirrel, Chipmunk, and Hare (plus others). Grizzly is a bit challenging, though. I had three lovely pets: Appleshine (a red hummingbird), Dottie (a red ladybug), and a purple firefly (sadly I didn’t have much time to spend with her).  Connecting with these critters put me in tune with nature. I taught them, and yet, they taught me.

My favorite meadow was  Maple Tree Hill (or the Pumpkin Patch, I can’t decide!) and my favorite shop was Schelly’s Shears.

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 175

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 174

I also ‘lived’ in Australia for a short time (them joeys are so cute!)

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 177

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 176

Emerald D. Origin

Name: Emerald Diamonddust

Arrival Day: November 11th, 2011

Talent: Tinker

Favorite Colors: Emerald Green, Sea Green, Electric Green, & Pepper Black

Favorites Foods: Tea & Cookies

Favorite Buggy and Animal: Bumblebee & Hummingbird

Favorite Flower: Buttercup

Favorite Hobby: Tinkerin’ inventions

Dislikes: Creative block & being bored

Mini Bio: I bridge the gap between my friends. Being the “middle pixie”, I usually make the compromises between eldest and youngest.  I’m pretty good at solving these problems/disputes, that is one of the attributes of being Tinker talent.

 Here’s another: I never like to twiddle my fingers; tweaking and enhancing common objects is my favorite pastime.  I made most of the large pieces of furniture in my home (thanks to Copper’s blueprints) and I also came up with the formation of a “3D bed” for Stella, Aria, Indigo, and myself (you can see it on the top level of each house).

I had a green bumblebee named Tinkersprite and a green hummingbird named Merrymint.

My favorite meadow was Cottonpuff Field and my favorite shop was Treetop Housewares.

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 181

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 180

Since the Disney Fairies UK site did not have an option for Tinker talent,  I chose water talent.

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 182

Sorry! I don’t have a pic of her house!

Indigo S. Origin

Name: Indigo Seadrop

Arrival Day: June 21st, 2012

Talent: Water

Favorite Colors: Wisteria Purple, Icicle Blue, Royal Purple & Lavender Purple

Favorite Foods: Ollallaberry Pie, Everfruit, & Hazelnut Soup

Favorite Buggy and Animal: Dragonfly & Flying Fish

Favorite Flower: Lilac

Favorite Hobby: Flying–FAST!

Dislikes: Bad Hair Days

Mini Bio: Being one of the youngest of my friends, I understand why Stella and Aria try to keep me under their wings; but, I’m a free bird–I fly where the winds carry me. Speaking of flying, I LOVE it. Competitive flying is a strong suit of mine. Now I’m not saying I can fly better than a natural Fast-Flyer, but I can make their heads spin in astonishment.

My favorite activity, though, is flying with my dragonfly, Waterlily. She was my only pet and an awesome flyer (Did you know that dragonflys can fly backwards? BACKWARDS!!)

As a Water Talent, water sports are life. Water skipping is a regular pastime I enjoy.


Remember these? I wore them all the time. When the Ballroom was open in the summer and the pool was there, you might have seen me!

My favorite meadow was Palm Tree Cove and my favorite shop was Ember’s Essentials.

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 185

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 184

What’s better than a Water Talent on an island surrounded by water? Nothing!

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 187

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 186

Wispa W. Origin

Name: Wispa Windywillow

Arrival Day: March 31st, 2013

Talent: Garden

Favorite Colors: Summer Blush, Dahlia Pink, & Powder Blue

Favorite Foods: Berry Parfaits, Cinnamon Cookies, & Acorn Pancakes

Favorite Buggy and Animal: Butterfly & Hummingbird

Favorite Flower: All Flowers!

Favorite Hobby: Singing to the sprouts and saplings in my garden!

Dislikes: Pulling Weeds!

Mini Bio: I’m the youngest of my friends. I’m also the only one who didn’t have a membership when I first arrived. I approached my life in Pixie Hollow as a minimalist; I used what little I had and made the most out of it. I worked diligently to reach and acheive my Garden Talent Level amounts to earn the few Pixies Diamonds each level gave.

I spent most of my Diamonds at the Garden Supply for seed packets. My friends helped me sing to them so that I could get the bonus. In return, I sang to thier plants (a ‘Garden Talent’s Touch’ functions the best when helping out her friends).

When Pixie Hollow gave the Free-For-All special at the end, I felt like I didn’t get a chance to truly immerse myself in all the activites my friends had enjoyed over thier years. But, overall, Pixie Hollow was my home and I knew I would miss it very dearly.

My favorite meadow was Neverberry Thicket and my favorite shops were the Garden Supply and the Pixie Post Office.

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 191

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 190

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 189

My UK abode and attire were similar to that of the US Pixie Hollow.

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 193

new camera photos and fairy scans 1.3.15 192

Congratulations! You have finished reading this VERY LONG Biography Page! 😀


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