Liebster Award(s)

Hallo Feen!

(German Greeting: Check!  )

It’s time to thank Crystal Oakbelle und Snowflake Fancypuff for nominating me for das… 


…So, thank you two! 😀

(Thanking: √ )

The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you for this award
  • Answer all the questions the blogger has given you
  • Nominate at least five bloggers
  • Make up at least 5 questions for the bloggers you nominate
  • Notify the bloggers you have nominated them for this award

(Copy and Paste rules because I can: √ )

Cry’s Qs:

  • What was you favorite meadow in Pixie Hollow?  Why?

Ooooo…that’s a toughie. I’ll have to pull out my More-Than-One-Pixie-Card here and answer accordingly:

Stella ≡ Sunflower Gully because it had everything: Sun, Stream, and Sunflowers! 😛

Aria ≡ Maple Tree Hill because of sitting in the shade with a light scent of maple syrup in the air. 😀

Emerald ≡ Cottonpuff Field because of the quaintness of the maple leaves delicately drifting on Havendish Stream.

Indigo ≡ Palm Tree Cove because of the surf, sand, and, of course, the palms!

Wispa ≡ Neverberry Thicket because of the garden/bench area in between the Bakery and Nurse Station.

  • If you could learn to talk to one kind of animal, which would it be?

I’d say…Bear.

Situation: Me in The Woods for…some reason. 😛

Bear: ‘Rawr.’

Me: ‘Yo bear, don’t eat meh.’

  • If you could be any talent of fairy in real life, what would it be and why?

I’d be the Ultimate Talent where you absorb every other talent because…why not? 😛

  • Describe your fashion style in three words.

Ahhhhhhh…okay lemme think for a sec…Kay, got it.

Eclectic. Colorful. Comfy.

  • Describe your favorite thing about Pixie Hollow in three words.

My favorite part of PH was all the backgrounds of the meadows (and etc) because of their:

Color-scheme. Whimsicality. Complexity. 

Snow’s Qs:

  • What is your favorite dish/meal?

I’m not sure if I have a favorite meal at the moment, but I am craving a juicy steak with a sweet potato right now, if that counts.

  • What is your favorite dessert?

Anything with chocolate. I’m serious. 😀

  • Nice fairy or mischievous fairy?

Mischievous fairy. I’ll flit away lickedy split after my prank surprises someone! XD

  • What creeps you out the most?


  • What inspires you?

Watching cool movies, listening to music, reading poetry and stories, looking at other people’s art, and making my own art.

  • Do you play any musical instruments? If not, which one would you like to learn how to play?

I’m a very novice player of the acoustic guitar, and intermediate at the violin (but I haven’t played in 3 years sooooo…heh). I’d like to learn the drums or the piano.

  • If you had the opportunity to plan your perfect day, what would you do?

For a great day, the weather needs to be sunny with big puffy clouds and a cool breeze. I’ll also need to be at a natural environment in a big comfy chair watching said senic area (like the beach). Oh…and there also needs to be an unlimited amount of shopping I can do too. 😛

(Answer the Qs: √√ )

Now, I would like to nominate some non-related PH bloggers such as…

If you haven’t seen these blogs, please check them out— They’re Awesome. 😀

  Til’ Next Time…Stella & The Pixies


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