Talent Games – Petition

#BringBackTheTalentGames 🙂 !!!!!!!

A Touch of Mist

Hey everyone,

It’s been a month since we first started to try and #BringBackTheTalentGames, and we’ve had a total of 72 people take the poll so far. A huge thank you to all of you, it’s much appreciated. 🙂

So I’m writing this post to announce that we now have a petition for our cause. Unfortunately, Grace has been away with finals (very understandable, I can relate with my exams), so I’m here to announce the petition instead of her.

The link is below:

Pixie Hollow – Bring Back the Talent Games

You guys had such an amazing response with Ashley’s Petition – a month later she now has 60 towards her goal of 100 signatures!  😀

I reckon you guys could do even better with this petition. Getting 100 signatures in approximately 6-8 weeks would send a pretty good message to Disney that we’re eager to get our Talent Games back, don’t…

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