From Princesses to Peasants…

Howdy everybuddy!

Welcome to another edition of Azalea Dolls Creations.

Today, I’ll be showing pictures of my pixies Before and After their “Cinderella transformations.”

Let’s get started, shall we?


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From working at the castle to living in the Castle, Stella transitioned with grace and poise.


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Before becoming one with nature, Aria went from cottage to cottage taking orders for her merchant store in the Kingdom’s village square.


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Prior to Emmy’s discovery of relating to royal blood, she had a “Robbin Hood-esque” background.


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Indy was a dame one shouldn’t mess with (note the sword). Trained by the most elite guards and swordsmen of the Kingdom, she became a great adversary to her Kingdom’s enemies.


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A true rags to riches story: Wispa left her humble life as a maid and became a maiden with a kind heart towards all.

*Just a headsup everybuddy: FINAL EXAMS ARE APPROACHING!!!*

At least for me anyways. So this means I probably won’t be commenting or liking (even though I do!) your future posts these next few weeks. I’ll try to devote some time on the weekend, but, no promises here. 😛

Thanks for reading and Good Luck to everyone elses’ future endeavors in test taking! 🙂

Til’ Next Time…Stella & The Pixies


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