What if…

…The Pixies became MERMAIDS for a day?!

😮 😀 XD

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Stella’s reaction: “Oh neeeaaattttt! Look at these scales! Oh wait—I can shoot light out of my hands? Could I do that before and just didn’t notice?!?” *looks back and forth from her friends to her hands*

Aria’s reaction: “Does this orca fin make my butt look big?  And hey! Why do I have the feeling that freckles aren’t the only thing on my face?  *perplexed countenance* 

Emerald’s reaction: “Hmm, so two hands and four tentacles makes six. Which means I have three times as many ligaments to tinker with! Noce. Noce.” *nods approvingly*

Wispa’s reaction: *accidentally touches a kelp plant and a whole kelp forest erupts* “Ooooo…Perhaps I should just not touch anything. At all. And float waaaaaayyyyyy out here away from the sea floor.”

…And Fin-aly…

Indigo’s reaction: THE ONE TIME I COULD SWIM WITH A TAIL I GET THESE INSTEAD!!!!!!! *waves webbed fingers and feet angrily* THE. ONE. TIME.

Hehehe. 😛

Which mermaid was your favorite? Tell me in the comments below! 😉

Til’ Next Time…Stella & The Pixies


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