TAW: Indy’s & Wispa’s Talent

Hi all!

Guess what?

Its a two-fer-one post! 😀

I think it’s a nice way to end #TalentAppreciationWeek, don’t you? 😛

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Indigo’s talent would be: Caterpillar-Shearing.

I have a feeling she’d make a competition out of who can shear the fastest in under a minute. 😉  (Just calling out Raven real quick if ya wanna make this real or not XD )

So shearers have the important job of…wait for it…shearing (I’m sorry if its name was too self-explanatory for true comprehension O_o).

I presume they would sift the hair for burrs and other things caught in it, and send it off to the clothing talents for textile production.

And I would also point out caterpillar hair is an important commodity in Pixie Hollow, especailly in the Winter Woods during the debut of winter fashions.

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Last, but not least, is Wispa.

(I’m thinking I should probably not leave her last all the time, thoughts?)

She has the most critical talent of all: Nursing.

Nurses will —don’t let me complicate things here—nurse you back to health.

Since this is the Hollow we’re talking about, nursing talents use homeopathic remedies to aid in the healing of injuries and ailments. I think it’ll help that Wispa has an extensive knowledge about herbs and other plants that will prove quite beneficial to your recovery. 😉

Not only do nurses take care of pixies, they also look after the pets too!

Photos and videos from ipad on june 17, 2014 072

Seems to me that Garden talents are more nurturing than Animal talents because they have more of a delicate grasp dealing with serious issues and show more empathy toawrds others (Care to counter? Tell me in the comments.)

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s tales of their new/temporary talent this week!

Hope we can create a lot of new celebrations like we did last year by reinventing PH’s orignal events. Let’s not lose the momentum we’ve carried so far through this year!

And remember:

Pictures and videos from ipad on May 16 2015 115

Til’ Next Time…Stella & The Pixies


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