TAW: Emerald’s Talent

I love this hat! XD

I bet my lovely followers put 2 and 2 together right away to figure out that Em would be a mining talent for #TalentAppreciationWeek!

-scientific nodding all around-

Alrighty then moving on…

Miners in the various tunnels use thier handy-dandy light hats (pictured above) and picks searching for all those precious gems like crystals, rubies, and hey(!) emeralds! 😛

Em would polish the gems and have them sent off to the cutting department of Mining&Co. 😉

And when all the jewels are cut and pristine, fairies would ogle lika dis:

Gems are what make Pixie Hollow SHINE! (Well, besides pixie dust…again)

Indigo will be up next! So don’t miss what our plucky water pixie has chosen! 😀

Til’ Next Time…Stella & The Pixies


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