TAW: Aria’s Talent


I kept my promise! XD

Okay, I had orginally chosen caterpiller shearing as Aria’s new talent but I thought that that was more like an animal subtalent.

So I did a 180º and tried to think of something she’d liked to do as a hobby. Hmmm, visual arts came to mind, then, culinary arts! You read that right pixies! Aria Vanillabreeze is now a Confectioner Talent! 😀

( At least for #TalentAppreciationWeek )

Aria would be in charge of icing all the holiday treats, like these:


Confectioners supply fairies with their second life-blood (besides pixie dust): SWEETS!

It is super important that pixies get their daily dose of sugar or else Clumsies might see them flitting by on the Mainland (this probably isn’t true but let’s just roll with it 😉 ).

Alright, that’s it for today! 😛

Can you guess what Em’s talent will be?  Hint: It pertains to her name. 😉

Til’ Next Time…Stella & The Pixies


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