TAW: Stella’s Talent

Paraphrased from BRAVE:

“If yah had the chance to change yah talent, voud yah?”


Hi Everyone! 😛

It’s #TalentAppreciationWeek!

Time to choose Stella’s temporary talent!

(I apologize to anyone who finds my use of this next reference frivolously)



 Well…your talent. XD

I think Stella would be best suited towards a scribing life than the other options. I always imagined writing a dairy-entry-story from her point of view in a post-PH setting (who knows, maybe I will 😛 ).

Stella’s main priority would be to write about the up and coming fashions and tips and tricks to stay stylish. Kinda sounds like this 😉 .

Scribe talents contribute SO MUCH to the Hollow just like our novelists in real life. They create adventures and dynamic characters that we all enjoy while also implemeting important themes and motifs that flow smoothly through the plotline.

Scribes would also document the daily life and cultural expierences celebrated for the future genrations of pixies to read about.

If Tink changed her talent, what would it be? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Well, that’s all for today. I’ll try to post tomorrow for Aria’s new talent (oh, what will it be?!)

Til’ Next Time…Stella & The Pixies


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