The Pixie Hollow Roleplay!

This sounds crazy fun! 😀

A Touch of Mist

Hello guys! Non-detective related post here, but some of us on the Pixie Chat had a greaaaaaat idea!

*flashback to a year or two ago* Some time back when PH closed, Julie Tulipblossom and I started an excessively long RolePlay, about 2000-3000 emails long!  Woah. 0_0

Julie has since dissapeared, so I did Pokémon roleplays.  My favorite Roleplay community shut down…and I miss Roleplaying. So I thought…why not roleplay with you guys!

Rose MorningMist will be documenting our Roleplay in story form!

To prevent RP from going stale, once a week I will create a crazy event to occur in Pixie Hollow for us to RP about. Duck attack? Pixie relationship drama? Anything goes! (With limits of course)


1. Everybody roleplays in different ways. I like asterisks around my actions and putting what I say in quotes, with side notes in parentheses. Some people like long, winding descriptions. Respect…

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