Fighting Back

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A Touch of Mist

We’ll forever wonder if we’ll ever get back to that time where Pixie Hollow was just a part of life.

I, personally, think I’ve done enough wondering. I’m just so sick of just doing nothing. So, a few months ago, when we had that scare with the Disney Fairies UK game, I finally cracked.

I’m reforming the Pixie Elite Force. No, really. I’m serious about this. And yes, it’s that little organization from my stories. But before PH closed, it actually was a real thing. All those stories are based on it and the pixies who were a part of it.

Back then, it was more of an ongoing game, really. Sworn to ‘protect’ Pixie Hollow.

Well, in the long run, we failed at that. 😛

But now I’m reforming it with a purpose.

I’m abolishing the old sectors of Healing, Spells and Magic, Disguise and Potions. They’re not…

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