Nomination: Versatile Blogger Award!


Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

I was nominated by the Awesome Blogger Marigold Sunjewel.

Ze Rules:

Thank the person who has nominated for this award and leave a link in your post to their website.

Thanks Marigold! 😀

Nominate 15 blogs that are excellent.

Everyone Marigold mentioned I also want to nominate! 🙂

Tell your nominees about this award with a link to your post.

Check your Comments Y’all! 😛

Finally, tell seven things about yourself.

I like Marigold’s idea of using the senses, so I’ll do that too.

#1. I wore glasses before glasses were cool. #spectacles O-O

#2. I like listening to Celtic music. It just makes me want to dance when a jig is on!

#3. A burning fire is always my favorite thing to smell in fall & winter. I also like a spring rose’s fragrance.


#5. I like snuggling up in lotsa and lotsa fluffy blankets too.

#6. Moving from the senses… My favorite color is purple, particularly, lavender.

#7. I love making art. Right now I’m experimenting with textures with paint using palette knives.

Thanks again Marigold!!!!!

Til’ Next Time… Stella & The Pixies


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