So Close…So Far

Hey Hey Y’all!!!

Guess What? 🙂

Photos and videos from ipad on November 17, 2014 2044

And that also means we are this close to meeting our next Pixie: Indigo Seadrop!!! 😀

But on to another topic, my posts. So, I’ve noticed that they’re pretty short. :/

I want to change that!!! 🙂

I’ve been accumulating some content for some time now, and  I can’t wait to show it to ya! However, I still need to get over a hump, the About Stella and The Pixies Hump. As soon  as I can get that completed, I’ll hop over to The Gist, get that situated, and can finally begin posting some awesome stuff. 😛

Gracias for the patience, Chicas. 😉

Til’ Next Time… Stella & The Pixies


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