The October Fly-By

Hello Pixies!

Just wanted to Fly-By and say an extra early Happy Halloween!

And Happy Animal Masquerade!

Have ya found the Perfect Pumpkin to carve yet?

Have ya tried any yummy Fall Foods yet?

Let me know in the comments below 😉

Tink Pumpkin

Til’ Next Time… Stella & The Pixies


4 thoughts on “The October Fly-By

  1. Happy Animal Masquerade and early Halloween to you, too, Stella!!! 🙂

    Yes! My family recently went to a local farm and picked out our pumpkins. I haven’t decided what I’m going to carve on mine yet…but it will most likely be Disney-related 😉

    There is a large apple orchard not far from my house, so we picked a bushel of various types of apples a couple weeks ago and have made so many yummy fall foods! I crave fresh apples this time of year, so I often snack on them ❤

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