How My Blog Title Came To Be And Why

Hi Readers,

I just thought that y’all might want to know why I titled my blog Unique Cinque’s Reveries.

Well, by using an online thesaurus (which I just love :D) I found a synonym for the number FIVE: Cinque (pronounced like “sink”).

“Why five?”  you may ask?

This is why: I hope to incorporate the FIVE fairies I created when Pixie Hollow was open to represent myself using the distinct (aka Unique) characteristics of Water, Garden, Light, Animal, and Tinker Talents.

I’ll also write about my memories (hence, Reveries) I have of our beloved hollow, along with some short stories (if I’ll ever find the time! :P)

This will be further explained in About Stella and the Pixies and the U.C.R.’s Gist Pages.


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